I Am a Teacher

Making your students peace ambassadors & compassionate
global citizens of the future, beyond conventional syllabus.

Self Exploration

Anytime Clap Talks

A Mini-video series of Talks where your students get a chance to interact with Clap Friends from around the world, right on their screens in the comfort of their classrooms.

Supported by consultants from UNICEF, Council Of Europe- Youth Peace Ambassador Network and National Geographic Traveller India,....

Check it out Yourself - www.anytimeclaptalks.com

Experiential Conference

In Person Clap Talks

A 75 minute, structured conversation between a traveller and your students within the classroom that allows them to explore aspects of living in a country different from their own.

All this while getting acquainted with new cultures without leaving their classrooms.

Enroll Your Classroom

Encouraging students to think beyond classrooms and connect to the world with compassion

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