I Am A Traveller

Travelling to India or Sri Lanka or just being out of India,
you can be part of this change movement

In-Bound Travellers

India / Sri Lanka

1 - 3 Weeks

Travel with Us

Travel with a purpose and explore a country beyond its monuments and streets. Clap Talks provides an opportunity to connect with the youth of India or Sri Lanka, through a 75 minute talk given by you to children in a school classroom.

During a Clap Talk you get to share with children a little bit about yourself, your family, country or anything you feel strongly about.

3 - 16 weeks

Intern with Us

An opportunity to live in Mumbai for 4-6 weeks, and impact young minds by conducting 75 minute talks with children in a school classroom in India. During the course of the internship, you will have the opportunity to work in a globally recognised Ed-Tech startup in Mumbai, conducting research and interacting with different departments that will help you understand how a startup functions.

Thus, enabling you to learn more about the work culture in a developing country like India while also getting to experience the country's culture authentically.

1 Day

1 Day Clap Talk

A quick way to truly experience and connect with the local culture of a country. Step into a classroom to engage in a 75 minute conversation with students to explore parts of your life, heritage and journey with a bunch of our eager students.

Anytime Clap Talks

Anytime Clap Talks is an exciting, mini-video series of talks where you share with students your journey, interesting facts about your country and your perspectives on various topics like Gender, Environment, Interpersonal Relations, Culture etc...

Globally - For

All Travellers

An innovative, mini-video series of Talks where children get to interact with Clap Friends from around the world right from the comfort of their devices at home.

Through these pre-recorded videos of travellers, students are able to learn about countries and cultures from across the globe from real people and through real conversations.

Connect Checkout Anytime Clap Talks

Engaging students in unique conversations to broaden their horizons

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