Understanding the world, beyond classrooms

Learning Outomes through regular interface with travellers from different parts of the world either in person, through webinars or by way of pre-recorded videos, a child is subliminally cued with information pertaining to a set of values that we have identified as essential to successfully navigating the future.

As the child engages in dialogue with our travellers, the following 14 topics are touched upon through the course of the conversation, so as to enable the learners to truly understand a country and its culture from real people who live there.

Interpersonal Relationships
Insipirations, Passions & Hobbies
Religion & Community
Conflict, War & Resolution
Human Rights & Freedom
Housing & Infrastructure
Technology & Innovation

Statistics indicate that less than 0.1 % of students can afford international exchange programs during their primary and secondary schooling. Given financial constraints, students privileged enough to have access to these programs are also usually exposed to singular foreign cultures in a year.

By bringing the world to the doorsteps of students as early as from the age of 3 to 15, a child will gain exposure to over 72 different cultures from around the world, first hand without having to leave the comfort of their schools or homes.

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