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As a parent aspiring to raise a child who is a globally mobile and culturally agile citizen, you have reached the right destination. Click on the link below to understand how Clap Talks can inspire young minds and hand hold them on their journey to becoming better Global Citizens.

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I am a Teacher

As an educator if you feel responsible towards empowering your students with the unconventional skills that will enable them to build their future selves and face with courage the innumerable uncertainties that their future withholds, you need to look no further...

Click on the link below to understand how our Global Perspectives curriculum works to augment your existing syllabus

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For an organisation that promotes progressive education for future readiness and understands the importance of providing this generation with the ability to relate to and work with people from diverse backgrounds, we can be of great help.

Click on the link below to understand how we curate cultural exchanges through: in person exchanges, webinars and conferences.

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I am a Traveller

If your calling is to travel with a purpose, we are the right place for you! Click on the link below and understand how we enable you to experience diverse cultures through interactions with local students while also acting as an ambassador of your own country.

By sharing a slice of your life, you have an amazing opportunity to impact how childrens view your country!

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